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ICO End in
The ICO of the Token will end on January 31, 2022
Why choosing Crypto Emergency ?
International portal for exchange of experiences and investments

The main purpose of the project “Crypto Emergency” is a building up of an international crypto community. For such a major project it is essential to have a solid foundation. That’s why we’ve decided to create our own cryptocurrency – Token CRYPTO EMERGENCY (CEM). Starting from now you can check out its BscScan profile by clicking on the link:

Owing to the spectacular growth of digital finances, the number of frauds or scams related to ICO is also increasing. However, we think about people who trust us, so to minimize investors’ risks the main amount of tokens will be locked for 3 years with some part being unlocked once a year.
The next measure is aimed at the profits growth of our community’s participants. Once in 6 months we’re going to buy our tokens back out of the exchange in the amount of 5 % of the company’s revenue at any price and burn them, by doing so we reduce tokens offer. Furthermore, some part of tokens will be burnt at every transaction.

For our first investors of the project 15% discount is granted at the ICO stage. Keep up to date on our news to be informed among the first about the date of the ICO holding.
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Crypto Emergency

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What is Crypto Emergency (CEM) Token?
We buy back
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Tokens sale term
  • Name:CEM
  • Fixed Limit:187,000,000 CEM
  • Soft Cap:500,000 USD
  • Exchange:1 ETH = 15,500 CEM
  • Currency:ETH, BTC
  • Min Purchase: 100 CEM
  • Starts:September 30
  • Ends:January 31
Fund distribution
$0.20 - Token price
2.5 million Soft Cap
56 million Tokens sale
187 million Tokens
Token distribution
25% Pre-sale
15% Founders and Team
10% Seed investment
10% Redemption
10% Marketing
30% Project
Our Strategy and Project Plan

Sep 2020

The emergence of an idea.

Oct 2020

Creating a group of traders on Binance.

Jan 2021

The appearance of a team of all specialists.

Feb 2021

We have started the selection of specialists for all countries.

May 2021

We have started the development of the website.

Aug 2021

We have created our token. Getting ready for the ICO.

Sep 2021

The start of the pre-sale. Launch of the portal and the main functions.

  • Oct 2020Creating a group of traders on binance
  • Feb 2021We have started the selection of specialists, for all countries.
  • Jul 2021We have created token. Getting ready for the ICO.
  • Sep 2020The emergence of an idea.
  • Jan 2021The appearance of a team of all specialists.
  • May 2021We have started the development of the website.
  • Sep 2021The start of the presale. Launch of the portal and the main functions.

CEM token price

ICO Participants

Supported countries

Our team

Yan Krivonosov
The founder of “Crypro Emergency”
Anna Ryzhkova
The head of designers' department
Dmitry Belov
Head of IT Department
Ivan Gaiduk
Head of security department
Elena Agalakova
Head of linguistiс Department
Anastasia Oleinik
Marketing specialist
Igor Yenshin
Senior fullstack developer
Vladislav Stoyanov
Frontend developer
Anton Makarenko
Frontend developer
Our Team
Roman Osipenko
Executive director
Ivan Gaiduk
Head of security department
Elena Agalakova
Head of Linguistic Department
Yan Krivonosov
The founder of “Crypro Emergency”
Anna Ryzhkova
Head of Designers' Department
Grishin Vasiliy
Head of the QA department
Dmitriy Belov
Head of IT Departament

One of the project’s flavors is a new model of platform participants’ interaction at which any interested person can get free help from our experts in terms of crypto-theme.

The experts’ level will be evaluated by the platform’s users, and every person will be able to see the top list to easily decide in whose favour to make a choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

The international platform “Crypto Emergency”. People from all over the world communicate here. Join us!

We will hold ICO soon! Keep up to date on our news in Crypto Emergency’s social networks.

You’ll be able to buy CEM tokens here on the website starting from the date when pre-sale begins.

You can write us via e-mail
[email protected]
and social networks.

1. For YouTube bloggers: you can post your videos on this website.
2. For translators: if you’re good at some language, write us by all means indicated on the website.
3. For professional traders: register on the website and help people.
4. Advertising and promotion: any help with promotion of the project Crypto Emergency is really welcomed!

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Crypto Emergency's main purpose

ICO is becoming one of the most profitable investment among brokers all over the world.📈 Front pages of news outlets and tabloids are overloaded with posts on cryptocurrency!📊 When you decide not to fall behind and to invest in cryptocurrency, you will face many pitfalls! What exchange will be better to choose? What wallet to install? How to sign up? How to get money out of a wallet? And many other questions.😬 Surfing the Internet? You can spend a lot of time doing it and not to find a needed answer. Everything is scattered among different resources and you will get tired very fastly. However, there's a great number of people who have passed these stages and have become professionals or experienced users in the world of cryptocurrency. 👨🏽‍🎓 They can share this information with you absolutely for free! For this purpose we've developed the platform "Crypto Emergency", where you can find absolutely any information about crypto world on the single website and get help from professionals. All questions and answers are on the single resource - " Crypto Emergency". Join us, follow the news and you'll know the launch date of the platform!

International Platform. 🌎

In modern world language isn't an obstacle anymore. Our team try to keep pace with the times and offer the unique opportunity for people who are interested in cryptocurrency trading.

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The Platform Crypto Emergency is not only for professionals but also for people familiarizing with the world of cryptocurrency for the first time. 🌍

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    For our first investors of the project 15% discount is granted at the ICO stage !
    [email protected]